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To flip or not to flip: Toward Diamond Open Access Journals

At KIT Library, we are offering a new publishing service for KIT members. This service is designed to assist editors of existing academic journals to transfer their journals to the academia-friendly university press. Take this test to determine if you should transfer your journal to university’s own publisher, KIT Scientific Publishing.

1. Are you a member of one or more journal editorial boards?

Diamond Thinking)

2. Are any of these journals published as open-access or has a hybridA hybrid journal is a subscription-based journal with the option of publishing open access articles, supported by a fee from authors. content?

3. Is your journal published by a commercial publishing house?

4. Does the publisher make all editorial decisions, such as selecting editors?

5. As an editor, have you signed a contract limiting your involvement in the editorial work of other journals?

6. The publisher owns the journal’s title and content.

7. For open-access publication, do the authors have to pay an APC (Article Processing Charge)?

8. Do all editorial processeslike submission of papers, review process, follow-up with authors take place via email communication?

If you chose "Yes" more than 4 times, it’s time to FLIP your journal to us!

You can submit your answers now.
After you click “submit”, you will have the opportunity to contact us.

diamond@ksp.kit.edu – 2024